Fantasy Tennis League Game Rules

These are the ten commandments of Fantasy Tennis League

1. You must be registered to play.

2. You can only register one team (or to coin a technical term: ‘Only one registration per Participant (and per email address) may be submitted’).

3. You have to select 16 players with your $100 million budget. If you select 15 players (or less) you won’t score any points.

4. Before the season starts on January 16 you have unlimited trades. Once the season begins you have 3 trades per week.

5. Once a tournament week starts you cannot trade players to score points that week.

6. If you do not change your team after the tournament week finishes, that same team will be entered in to the next week.

7. There are some great prizes on offer – but there are a few conditions around them. Check out the Ts and Cs to find out more.

8. Missed the start of the season? No worries! You can enter to play at any point during the year (there are monthly prizes and we’ll be running mid-season championships).

9. In the unlikely event that there are issues with the delivery of statistics from a particular tournament, we reserve the right to remove that tournament from our calendar.

10. Don’t be mean! If we hear that you’re being abusive to or about other players in the game you’ll be kicked out!