How to Play Fantasy Tennis


Register to play
To play and be eligible for prizes, you must register.
Note that ONE registration is permitted and required to play.

Logging in
Enter your registered login email address and password in the provided login area.
Link your account with either or both Facebook and Twitter, and you’ll get the benefit of instant sharing, playing against your Facebook contacts and everyone who you follow on Twitter, automatically – plus much more!

Login problems?
Ensure that “cookies” are enabled for your web browser.

If you’ve forgotten your password, please click on the “Forgot your Password” link in the right column of the landing page (just below the login form). Then follow the on-screen instructions to retrieve and reset your password.

Updating and managing your registration
You can manage aspects of your registration by logging in and clicking on your profile icon near the top right of your screen – then, simply follow the on-screen instructions.

Registration/login FAQs
: How many times can I enter?
A: You can only register and Fantasy Tennis League once. Anyone found to be registered more than once, or controlling more than one team in any one game at any stage of the competition, will face possible disqualification.
Q: I am currently not a resident of Australia. Can I still enter and play?
A: Of course you can! Unfortunately, due to the nature of the competition and legalities involved with running promotions, residents of some countries are not eligible to win prizes. Please refer to the competition Terms and Conditions as to who may be eligible to win any prizes.
Q: I’ve forgotten my password, what can I do?
A: Please click on the “Forgot your Password” link in the Login panel of the landing page. Then follow the on-screen instructions to retrieve and reset your password.
Q: I have a new email address. Can you change my login details?
A: You can change your login details directly at the Fantasy Tennis League website. Click on your profile icon near the top right of screen, then select “My Account” and follow the on-screen instructions to edit your account.
Q: Why can’t I change my team name?
A: You can only change your team name prior to the start of the next tournament week (after registering). Once that tournament week is complete, you will no longer be able to change your team name.

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Select your complete team
Your first job as a Fantasy Tennis League manager is to select a squad of 16 players.
You’ll not score any points if your team is incomplete and you’ll not be entered in the public and private league games.
All ATP and WTA players are available to all participants.

Selection restrictions
Choosing your squad is easy, but you need to stay within your $100 million budget. Each player has a price and it’s up to you to decide how you’ll spend your player budget.
There are no restrictions on the number of male and female players in your squad, but remember: if you pick players from both ATP and WTA Tours your team will be active in a bigger spread of tournaments and you’re more likely to score points.

Selecting your team FAQs
: How many players do I have to start with, and do I need to have that exact number?
A: You MUST select 16 players to enter the Fantasy Tennis League. From those 16, you must then choose which 8 are playing and therefore scoring points. If you don’t modify your team, the same starting line-up of 8 will be entered into tournaments each week (whether or not they are playing). You can edit teams at any time while a tournament is NOT in progress. You can continue to trade and substitute players, and name your Captain and three Key Players up until the start of the next tournament week. Players are locked into your team only at the time that the tournament has started.
Q: What if I can’t find a player in the game?
A: You can use to the search box at the top right of the screen on any page to check whether the player is in the game. If you can’t find them, please contact us and let us know.

Rosters are initially made up of players who competed in 2016 main draw ATP / WTA matches. New 2017 players are added after the first tournament week they compete in.

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Your team HQ
You can edit your team at any time, however any changes made after the current tournament week lockout will not apply until the following tournament week begins.
You need to select your starting line-up of 16 players (8 active players and 8 players on the bench) in order to compete. You can also view each player’s scoring and performance breakdown in the Team Analyser view.
The first 8 players you select will be automatically added to your squad.
You can substitute players in and out to ensure your best 8 are in your starting line-up.

Click the button to substitute the desired player OUT of your starting 8. Then, select a highlighted replacement from the reserves to add them in.
Players may be substituted in the week leading up to a tournament week, and can be replaced until their respective tournament week has started (at which point, they are locked into your team for that week in their spot).

You can make unlimited trades on your initial team entry. Your team will be locked in and entered at the start of the next upcoming tournament week (beginning 16 January 2017) after you have joined.
You’ll then be able to trade up to a maximum of THREE players after the conclusion of each tournament week, with a total of 72 trades available for the entire season. Players may also be traded during each tournament week for other available players, up until the next tournament week has started (at which point, they are locked into your team for that tournament week).
Trades can be reversed right up until the beginning of each tournament week. Once the tournament week is under way, you can no longer reverse any trades for that week.

Captain & Key Players
Your captain scores 50% extra points. You should also select three key players, who will score 20% extra points.
You can change your captain and key players as often as you like, prior to the start of the tournament week, up until the time that your currently selected players tournament week has started. At this point, your selection is locked in for the week and cannot be changed.

Your team is awarded one automatic emergency in the event of a selected player not competing for that tournament week.
The automatic emergency will be the lowest scoring player from your reserves list who receives a score greater than 0.
The automatic emergencies score will be added to the total score at the completion of the tournament week.

‘Zero’ scoring players
Players who are named and in the starting 8 for any tournament week AND score a 0 for any reason, will NOT be replaced by an emergency. Their 0 score will have an effect on their value, being recorded as having played a week.

Team & player Value
Player pricing will also play a part in team selection and trading strategy, and your overall team value.
Each player’s price will vary based on their most current performance from tournament week to tournament week. A rolling average is used to determine how a player’s value changes.
Your team value is determined based on the overall value of your selected players, plus any leftover amount in your salary cap.
Q: I have selected a player who has since become injured or retired. Can I replace him or her?
A: You can modify your line-ups from your reserves list for the next tournament week before that week begins. You’ll also have a total of 3 trades available to you each tournament week, with a total of 72 trades allowed for the season.
Q: How often do player’s values change?
A:Each player’s price will vary based on their most current performance from tournament week to tournament week. A rolling average is used to determine how a player’s value changes.
Q: What is the formula used to determine a player’s change in value?
A: We do not provide the specific player pricing formula, however it takes a rolling average from the last 3 tournaments that a player has played. They must have scored points in at least 3 tournaments in order for their value to change. This is then compared to their season average from last year and previous performances (upon which the initial price was based on), in order to work out the change.

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The leagues competition in detail
Your Fantasy Tennis League team will compete against thousands of other teams around the world in the overall competition, giving you the chance to win prizes for topping the monthly ladder and scoring the most points in the 2017 season.
You can also create or join, and be a part of up to 10 private or public mini-leagues with your single team entry.
Your league ladder ranks your team based on your overall score.
Through the Activity Feed, you’ll be able to communicate with your league competitors live.

IMPORTANT – Finalising and confirming league entry and incomplete leagues
Teams are entered in leagues on a provisional basis.
Your team must contain a complete list of 16 players at the upcoming tournament week’s rolling lockout in order to remain in your league. Any incomplete teams at the time of rolling lockout will be REMOVED from their league without notice (applies to private and public leagues).
You can leave/change between leagues at any time. If you leave a league during a tournament week you will remain in that league until the conclusion of that tournament week.

Public leagues
Creating a public league will allow you to invite anyone you like to your league.
Anyone who joins your league or obtains your unique league code will also have the ability to join and invite others to this league.

Private leagues
If you create a private league, you’ll be the only one who can invite others to this league (via the League page).
As ‘Administrator’, you’ll also have the ability to REMOVE teams from your league. Teams removed from a league during a tournament week you will remain in that league until the conclusion of that tournament week .
Anyone joining a Private league is not able to invite others via the league page.
When using the automated league invite form on your league page to send invitations, your friends/relatives will be provided with a direct link to the registration page, and will be added to your league automatically upon successful registration.

Head-to-head rivalries
Take on your friends, or just about anyone in the competition – head-to-head, any round, or every tournament week.
Click on the RIVALRIES tab from your Leagues page and simply follow the on-screen instructions to search for any team in the competition – or instantly challenge anyone who is in one of your head-to-head leagues.
You can setup a Rivalry against anyone you like who is also in the competition. On the Rivalries page, you’ll be able to keep track of their week-to-week score.
In the right-hand panel, you’ll be able to track who has setup a Rivalry against you in the competition, and therefore is tracking your performance. You may add any of these teams to your own Rivalries (creating a confirmed Rivalry).
You can setup or remove a Rivalry at any stage of the competition.

How to set up your Facebook and Twitter leagues
If you have a Facebook and/or Twitter account, you can link it to your Fantasy Tennis League entry.
In addition to the sharing of your data to your wall/followers, you’ll be able to setup your very own Facebook and/or Twitter leagues which are in addition to your regular head-to-head leagues and groups.
On linking your account, Fantasy Tennis League will automatically setup your ‘all in’ Facebook and/or Twitter league.
You’ll be ranked based on overall points against any of your Facebook/Twitter contacts who also play Fantasy Tennis League and have linked their accounts.
In addition, you can automatically invite any of those not playing with a simple wall post or tweet directly from Fantasy Tennis League.

Leagues FAQs
: How I do create a league where I can compete against my friends?
A: You can create a new league from your League page. After accessing your Leagues page, you can click on the ‘Create/Join’ button to create a new league, or join one that you’ve been invited to.
Q: How do I enter a new public league?
A: To enter a new public league, you have to create one. On your Leagues page, click on the ‘Create/Join’ button to create a new league.
Q: How do I leave a league?
A: On your Leagues page, click on the ‘leave’ button to leave a league. You are not able to leave the global league.
Q: I just joined. Why wasn’t I added to a league, and where is the option to create one?
A: Everyone who signs up to the Fantasy Tennis League competition will automatically be a part of a league. Look for the ‘League’ link and button in the game menu bar on the left to access your league.
Q: I’ve found out that all of my friends are in another league. How do I swap leagues so I can play against them? Can you move my team for me?
A: If you’ve been invited into a league by email, then please follow the prompts in the email to join that league. If you have been provided specific league code, then simply click on the ‘Create/Join’ button and enter the code into the box provided. If you want to leave the league you are currently in, then click on the ‘Leave’ button and enter the code in the box provided. Please note, if your league was formed prior to the last tournament week, then it would have been finalised and you can no longer change, create or join new leagues.
Q: Can I change the name of the league that I created?
A: Your league name can only be changed prior to your league’s first lockout, when your league is finalised and confirmed.
Q: The league that I was in is now different, or its name changed… Why?
A: We may add teams or merge leagues where they don’t attract enough competitors. All care will be taken to ensure that all original teams that you had in your league will still be there, in addition to new ones. Your league name may therefore change based on these movements.
Q: Why have people in my league been replaced with other random teams?
A: Leagues are merged at the end of each tournament week. Once a league is merged, no further changes can be made to that league and you can no longer change, create or join new leagues. Any team/s in your league that did not have a complete team selected prior to the start of the last round are replaced with other teams.
Q: Why have I been removed from my league? And why can’t I rejoin it?
A: If you did not have a complete team of 16 players selected prior to the start of the last round, then your team would have been replaced with another random, complete team. As leagues are finalised each round, you can no longer join that league. Alternatively, if you were entered in a Private league, the league’s creator may have removed your team before the league was finalised.
Q: Why can’t I join a new league?
A: Leagues are merged and finalised at the end of each round. Once a league is finalised, you can no longer change, create or join new leagues.
Q: Why can’t I invite people into my league?
A: If you have been invited into a Private League, then only the league’s creator has the ability to invite more people into that league from their Leagues page.
Q: Can I remove people from my league?
A: If you were the Private League creator, you will have the option to remove people from your league. However, once your league is finalised at the end of the next tournament week, you can no longer remove people from your league.
Q: My friend wants to join my league but can’t, why?
A: If your league was created before the last tournament week, then it would have been finalised and unfortunately no further people can enter. If your league has yet to be finalised, then please check that you have provided the correct league code to the person you want to join your league, or that you have entered the correct email address in the invite box in your Leagues page.
Q: It says I can be in up to 10 different leagues, why can’t I join any more leagues?
A: You can only join up to 10 different leagues prior to the start of the next tournament week after registering. Once your league is finalised at the end of that round, you can no longer change, create or join leagues.

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How to score points
Your Fantasy Tennis League team is awarded points based on the real performances of the real players in each tournament week.
Points scored by your team each round are based on the performance of the starting line-up of your 8 players for each round, including up to ONE selected emergencY to replace up to ONE player in your starting 8 who don’t play that tournament week.
The remaining players on your reserves list don’t score.

Events where players can score points
Players are able to accumulate points at the following events:
Major events (Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon, US Open)
ATP Masters 1000
ATP 500
ATP 250
ATP World Tour Final
WTA Premier events
WTA International events
WTA Finals

The following events are not included in the scoring:
Davis Cup
Fed Cup
Exhibition events
Non ATP, WTA or ITF sanctioned events

Emergency player scoring
A player from the reserve bench (an “emergency”) will replace any non-playing player.
Where there’s more than one emergency available and only one is required, the lowest scoring emergency will be used.
Players who are named and in the starting 8 for any tournament week AND score a 0 (or less) for any reason, will NOT be replaced by an emergency. Their 0 score will also have an effect on their value, being recorded as having played a game.

Live, end-of-match and final scores
While live and/or end-of-match scoring for your team and your league’s opponents and participants will be available during each day of the tournament week, scores and rankings are usually updated, confirmed and finalised within a few hours of the last match of the tournament.
In certain circumstances, due to the complexities involved in the large number of statistics that are provided and processed, delays may occur. Please allow up until 3:00pm AEST on the day following the completion of the round for scores to be processed.
Scores are final once completely processed.

How Points Are Scored

The following is a breakdown of how points are awarded in Fantasy Tennis League:
Tournament points:
Grand Slam winner: 60 bonus points
Grand Slam runner-up: 36 bonus points

ATP Masters 1000 / WTA Premier 5 or Mandatory winner: 40 bonus points
ATP Masters 1000 / WTA Premier 5 or Mandatory runner-up: 24 bonus points

ATP 500 / WTA Premier winner: 20 bonus points
ATP 500 / WTA Premier runner-up: 12 bonus points

ATP 250 / WTA International winner: 10 bonus points
ATP 250 / WTA International runner-up: 6 bonus points

Match points

+ 2 for winning not in straight sets
+ 3 for winning in straight sets

Set points
– 2 for a doughnut loss (i.e. 6-0)
+ 1 for winning 4 games in a set
+ 1 for each set won
+ 1 for a tiebreak win

Game points
+ 0.2 per ace
– 0.2 per double fault
+ 0.2 per first serve return point won
+ 0.1 per second serve return point won
+ 0.5 per break point converted

Point Scoring FAQs
: Why is my score incorrect?
A: It’s possible you may have made changes to your line-up. Please refer to the ‘How your team scored’ column to the right of your team, to view your team’s scoring breakdown from the past round.
Q: What happens if both my Captain and Vice Captain don’t play?
A: Unfortunately in this instance, you will miss out on 50% and 20% extra points for those players in your team. Any emergency covering a non-starting Captain/Vice-Captain does not receive double points.

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