The essential guide to Fantasy Tennis League

Got a question about Fantasy Tennis League? The answers are here (if they are not please email [email protected]).

Question: The Australian Open has finished – is Fantasy Tennis League finished too?
Not at all. In fact, it’s only just begun. Fantasy Tennis League runs from January through to November, and you can start changing or choosing your team for the coming weeks now.

Question: Even though I missed the start can I still play the game?
Yes, absolutely. In fact, you’re still in a really strong position. As this article explains, the next few weeks will provide you with ample opportunities to catch up on those players who beat the Australian Open lockout.

Question: How do I know whether one of my players is playing next week?
It’s easy if you know where to look – and there are three ways to check.

1. Go to My Team and look at the players on your first team and bench. If a player is playing in the next two weeks a green square will be visible above their overall score on the right. If they are not, there will be no green square.

2. Go to the Players page. On the left hand side click on ‘Filters’ and options will appear. Click on ‘Playing’ and a list of players who have accepted to play in the next Game Week will appear.

3. Visit this page on the website

Question: I have another green square above my score, but on the left?
This is player news. If you click on this you’ll find all sorts of updates about your players. These updates include player availability, injury news or information about win streaks.

Question: How do I change my team for the next Game Week?

S = Substitute, T = Trade
S = Substitute, T = Trade

There are two ways to change your team:
Sub someone in from the bench. You can bring your bench players into play for Game Week Two by clicking the S when you hover over their names. Click the S on the two players you want to switch and you will see your team change.
Note: This does not count against your Trades for the week.
Trade your players. By pressing the T that appears when you hover over a player you will be taken to a Trades page, which will allow you to choose a new player. If you press T by accident and don’t want to Trade a player, simply press Back To My Team.

Question: How many trades do I get?
You get three trades per week, or 72 for the season.

Question: I made a trade but have changed my mind?
It’s easy to reverse your changes. Simply go to My Team and in the left bar there is a ‘Reverse Changes’ option. Click on that.
*Note, if you reverse a Trade then you get that Trade ‘back’ for the week.

Question: If I ‘buy’ a player do I get their points from previous tournaments?
No. Player points from previous events are not carried in to your team.

Question: How does point scoring work?
Players score points based on two metrics:
Their performance in a tournament: they will earn bonus points if they win an event or are a runner-up.
Their performance in a match: players pick up points for their performance in sets, games and during individual points.
You can learn more about scoring here.

Question: Do I score points for doubles as well?
No, you can only score points for singles.

Question: Do I score points for Challengers?
No, points are only scored for main draw ATP 250, 500 and 1000 events, WTA International and Premier events, and Grand Slams.

Question: How do I create a league for my friends?
Creating a league is easy. Simply go to Leagues, click Create / Join and then follow the simple steps.

Question: How do I pick a strong team?
The key to picking a strong team is balance. Choose a mix of men’s and women’s players, and don’t spend all of your budget on one or two superstars. There are some great value players out there, and all eight players will score you points.